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1. For visitors, this site is free of charge

2. Can I book holiday accommodation, make a reservation, and etc.?

- You can not book directly on our site. However, we can offer you various ways of contacting the seller directly: For further information, please fill in the following form.

3. The indicated price does not correspond to the prices on the website of the offerer. How so?

- The prices (if this is not a definite, current fixed price) may deviate from the current prices of the offerer. The reason for this may be a main or secondary season.

- here the prices should be marked with the suffix "ab". We naturally check these offers, but the provider can at any time make a change. The provider is responsible for the contents of the offers.

We are pleased to report any errors found to you by using the "Report Violation" function.

 4. Not all translations are complete

- We offer on our pages the translations in various languages, but the entries of the offerers are only possible in German. No problem, because they find in the detail display of the provider a translation tool from Google. Here you can select one of approx. 200 languages.

5. You have further suggestions or questions about our site ?

- We are happy to accept your Kirtik. Just use our Contact form


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