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Operetta Festival "Zeltinger Himmelreich"

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Contact Tourist Information Zeltingen-Rachtig
Uferallee 10
54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig
Tel. (+49) 6532 2404
Added 26-10-2018


Open-air operetta in July on the historic market place of Zeltingen near Bernkastel over the Winzerleben an der Mosel

Although not an operetta of world renown, but a work with sparkling melodies, which is performed by the Zeltingen-Rachtiger citizens with a good dose of mother-joke, humor and self-irony. By the way, all amateur players who do their jobs during the day - most work in viticulture. The wine also plays the main role in the operetta. The year 1780 is written, and the winegrowers in the Churcölnic Oberamt Zeltingen-Rachtig covet against their sovereign, the Elector of Cöln. They do not want to pay the tithe, which is to be provided annually in the form of wine from the excellent Zeltinger vineyards "Zeltinger Himmelreich, Schlossberg sundial and Deutschherrenberg".

The Elector is told that the wine is so sour this year that it can not possibly be served at court. When suddenly an emissary of the elector appears to convince himself on site of the quality of the wine, the excitement is understandably great. But with a ruse, the smart winegrowers succeed in fooling the controller. And of course, a love story in the operetta must not be missing. The operetta was created in the 50s when Zeltingen-Rachtig wrote out a song contest. The well-known vineyard "Zeltinger Himmelreich" was to be sung according to the will of the council.The victorious composer Werner Stamm won a three-week holiday in Zeltingen-Rachtig - and liked it there so well, that he had an entire operetta about winegrowing life and about one 1955, more precisely on January 5, 1955, the premiere took place in the hall of the Hotel Nicolay to the post office and meanwhile 5 performances are given every two years.The open-air stage stands since 1980 on the market place of Zeltingen, which is also the place of action - it could not be more authentic.

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Für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet: Yes
Freitag, der 19. und 26. Juli
Samstag, der 20. und 27. Juli
Dienstag, der 23. Juli
Wo? Marktplatz Zeltingen
reservation needed: Yes
Vorverkauf ab: sofort
Ticket Hotline: +49 6532 2404


Zeltingen-Rachtig , Deutschland
Kurfürstenstraße 1, 54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig



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